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Windsurfing or kiteboarding lessons

The BEST WESTERN PLUS Hood River Inn guests can learn windsurfing or kiteboarding from Hood River Waterplay. Hood River Waterplay offers a two-day, fully hands-on Basic I windsurfing course provided by Jak and his crew of U.S. Sailing Certified Instructors. The program includes two, three-hour lessons and 10 hours of free gear use at the beginner beach. You will be provided with all beginner equipment: wetsuit, booties, life vest, helmet and your own personal windsurfer, rigged just for you. Lessons will give instruction in wind theory, carrying your equipment, tacking and jibing, safety techniques, and more.

Hood River Waterplay’s kiteboarding lessons provide all of the beginner equipment: wetsuit, booties, life vest, helmet as well as water safety rescue vehicle, and radio for the water segments. Lessons offer instruction in wind theory, setting up your equipment, safety techniques, and basic kite flying skills. Just bring your attitude for fun and Hood River Waterplay supplies the rest.

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding are both essentially types of sailing. Windsurfing started in the early 1970s. It involves the sailor holding onto a boom that encircles the sail. By manipulating this sail and rig in the wind and by carving the board, the windsurfer is able to steer the board without a rudder. A kiteboarder, by contrast, holds a short control bar that is attached via 4 or 5 lines to kite approximately 150 feet away. The kiter controls this flying wing with the bar and carves the board's edges to steer. In the summer here in the Gorge, if it is windy, you can see the top levels of both sports out on the river (the best viewing is about a mile west of the Hood River Inn at the Event Site).

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